Saturday, April 4, 2009

Knee surgery

Well it's done. The doc said he has never seen a shredded meniscus before but that's what i had. they put a sutcher through the meniscus and hopes it will heal together. so I can't put weight on it for a month which mean crutches yeaah not! so it's still up in the air for now. here a some of the pic from my adventure. The side by side pic is a normal meniscus on the left and mine on the right. the pic of three is the repair and the rest are self explanatory


Anonymous said...
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JaNece said...

I'm glad your surgery went well and you're on the road to recovery. It sucks to be down, but you'll heal fast. Tell Patty to take good care of you. Get a bell so she can come whenever you call. :) Milk it, baby!! Hey, HAPPY BDAY today!